Sex Therapy for Individuals & Couples | Oakville

Sex therapy can help individuals and couples develop or renew more satisfying and passionate relationships.

  • Leaf on beach with word LoveAre you worried that something’s wrong with you because you aren’t interested in sex?
  • Do you want your sexual relationships to be more intimate and erotic?
  • Do you want to understand your sexuality more deeply?
  • Are you having erectile difficulties?
  • Has sex been painful for you, at times?
  • Have you or your partner had an affair?

Sex therapy helps you to celebrate & express your sexuality more fully.

Individuals and couples seek sex therapy because they have concerns or questions about the sexual aspect of their relationships. Others come to form a deeper connection with their sexual self and their bodies.

I’m Joan Marsman, a sex therapist with a counselling practice in Oakville. I’m comfortable speaking about sexual issues with people who are distressed with their relationships or their sexual functioning. I support sexual diversity and inclusivity. I honour my clients’ values, practices & communities.