What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a unique specialization in the field of counseling for couples and individuals where clients can talk with a professional about sexual and relationship issues in their lives. Sex therapy is a treatment approach directed specifically toward problems of sexual functioning. Your therapist may ask you to discuss

  • How and when your concerns developed
  • How your concerns impact you
  • What changes you would like to make

In a supportive, caring environment, you will be encouraged to discuss the influences on your sexual development and to begin to identify the resources you need to resolve your concerns.
Other elements of your therapy may include books and/or videos specific to sex therapy. Your therapist will invite you to try out exercises at home aimed at improving communication and intimacy – both emotional and physical.

Who Comes For Sex Therapy

People from all demographics, cultures & orientations come to talk about sexual issues such as

  • Two Insects having sextheir levels of sexual desire
  • pain with intercourse
  • difficulty with orgasm
  • erection problems or timing of ejaculation
  • affairs or infidelities
  • sexual addiction

There are many factors that give rise to sexual concerns such as your upbringing, medications, illness surgery or sexual trauma such as abuse or assault. Perhaps there is conflict in your relationship.  Together we will find the barriers and the answers.

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